Betula Nigra

by FireDean

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    releases May 29, 2016

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releases May 29, 2016

Pete Tufel - Keys
Daniel Weintraub - Production, Lots of instruments
Jason Broome - Lots of instruments.
FireDean - Acoustic guitar, Vocals


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FireDean New York, New York

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Track Name: Betula Nigre
I would go to worship if I thought it work
I would not go on safari without you River Birch
When you left me for love they called and I've come
They're surrounding me now and everyday I feel some
They raise me like healers with the palms of their hands
They say they're aint no difference between rocks and plants, between water and land, between us....and

Betula Nigre, the trees are my elephants
This is my back up, this is my battle plan:
Take off my shoes and let my knees descend
With every leaf that falls i ll fall in front of them
And hope to God this love transcends, to you.

I had an image of what a White Birch was
I could not let it go, I thought thats what love was
I tried everything, I tryed a chemical peel
I thought it'd give your darkness this unique appeal
Your still gone and I'm still here
I'm in the darkness, the circle of fears,
I'm in the valley and the fields

Betula Nigre.....etc.

Now i'm layin in the tall, tall grass
By the wishin well
I know im in my body but some times its hard to tell
When everything is leaving, how can I respond?
How can I be sure?
How can I belong, to you Betula?

Betula the trees are my elephants now that you're gone.
Track Name: Cardboard Figures
Got totem poles and smoke stack friends
Cotton balls to rub the vapor in
While the sun's still shadowing
Bleach on all this paper

Did my chores, look what I made
From black and white charcoal stains
Got up early every day so i could make them boxes

See those trees walkin down that ridge
Thats the Boise that i grew up with
Got a house on a lot , keep the door unlocked
So you can walk right in ......and go...

Nonchalantly melancholy
through the passage into the space
To my cardboard figures and landscapes

Oh I love the way the mailroom smells
And everyone just helps themselves
To cattle feed and AquaVelve
While I make them pictures

Without the soot between my gums
i would not finish or be close to done
And I 'd go back the way I come
All the way to Boise

Cuz they gotta house that they built for me
Thats the box where I make them things
Gotta board on a hinge
An when you push it swings
So you can walk right in....and go...


Repetitions everywhere
Once I knew this I could prepare
And help you see what isn't there
With my heart my brain knows how to move
But I'm not limited by these images
Its such a priveledge to be this far from view
When you see the things that I can
You might come to me as children
Cuz you know I'm gonna come to you

Through the passage
Into the space
To my cardboard figures, my cardboard figures
My cardboard figures, and landscapes
Track Name: On The Sword of Beautiful
She broke her water on her Estee Lauder
Had her crocodile tears waitin in the corner
An I was easy like a lamb on the way to the slaughter
Usually the last to know when its over

And I wouldn't wanna rob you of your withdrawal
Far be it from me to break your fall
On the sword, of beautiful

Pimp havin problems with the snow today
Yeah he warmin up MacDonalds he the Maitre D
Sizin me up from under chinchilla
Say why the long face, come her killa
You look pretty smart from what I can see
I hate business but that's just me
Counterintuitive to charge a fee
Far as I'm concerned beauty's always free
Cuz if I had your bedside manner, I'd be the fire
I'd be the hook, and the ladder
And I wouldn't have time for chitta-chatta
If I could be...with Lisa.

And i wouldn't wanna rob you of your withdrawal
Far be it from me to break your fall
On the sword, of beautiful

I was captured and removed by the rapture
And the red fox who found me hiding
In the chicken coop
He said I'm gonna show you how we
Party in the underground
And then he took me to his foxhole
There was: Livestock lyin' around , some on top,
some below, everywhere they was, half exposed
And there was diamond studded wrist watches and band was playing from China, playing techno
And this foxy fox in a silk robe started fillin my glass from a punch bowl sayin' lemme know
When you're ready to roll...

But I wouldn't wanna take this game too far
Pit beautiful against your animal
Might not be no more aces in your eightball

Might be no more aces. Oh no.
Track Name: KnockOut
Well Im predisposed to beautiful
Beauty is my birthright
But I've been wilting from the pressure
I dont care what I look like
Without disease resistance I am just a pretty face
And no one cares to listen till it hits them...

Im a KnockOut
Rose of a thousand blooms
A feast before your eyes
And Im praising you for that
But if I give you all my power
I might not get it back...Im a KnockOut

I went on sale outside the grocery
Cuz i was old an moving slowly
When I was rescued by the boy riding bareback on a
Terraccotta Pony
He said he liked my blackspot
But all the breeders do
'Cept the way he said it sounded different
Like there was nothin you could do...

I'm a KnockOut....

And every day in Whitefish Bay
Someone says that I am handsome
But even in their wildest dreams
Did they think that I'd be
A champion....Or a KnockOut!

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